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DrewTech CarDAQ-Plus

ScanDAQ In-vehicle data logging

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The CarDAQ-Plus is the ultimate interface for communicating with newer automobiles, heavy duty trucks, and CAN networks. It has both Ethernet and USB connectivity to a PC, a built-in operating system for running internal programs, protocol support for all modern vehicles, and six analog inputs. It is upgradeable thru firmware updates and expansion slots. The CarDAQ-Plus can be ordered with 802.11 WiFi, Compact Flash storage (up to 8GB), GPS Modules, and more.

Applications / Uses

  • J2534 Independent Repair Facility tool
  • Bench top ECU reprogramming
  • In-Vehicle ECU reprogramming
  • Diagnostics using 3rd party applications
  • In-vehicle pass-thru data logging
  • Standalone data logging or monitoring
  • Fleet or public transportation data acquisition
  • OEM Engineering
  • OEM calibration reprogramming
  • End-of-Line testing
  • Dealer Service Tools
  • 3rd party integrated solutions
  • Specialized Customers

Application Notes

Operating voltage: 7 - 26 Volts
Size: 1.25”H x 7.5”D x 5.25”W
Operating Temperature: Commercial Range (0 to +70° C)
Bus protocols:
  • CAN/ISO 15765/GMLAN
  • 2nd CAN (Dual or Single Wire)
  • Ford SCP (J1850PWM)
  • GM Class2 (J1850VPW)
  • KWP2000 (ISO9141/14230)
  • Chrysler SCI (J2610)
PC Interfaces:
  • USB (now included)
  • Wired RJ45 Ethernet
  • Optional 802.11 WiFi
Other specification:
  • Compliant to SAE J2534 (Feb 2002) and SAE J2534-1 (Dec 2004)
  • Compliant to ISO 22900-1 MVCI physical layer
  • Programming voltage on J1962 pin 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 or Aux
  • 6 General purpose analog inputs (0-27V, 2Ksps, 12 bit)
  • Ground pins 9, 12, or 15
  • Internal Compact Flash slot (must be configured when ordering)
  • Optional external Compact Flash slot

J2534-1 Reflashing Applications for Independent Repair Shops

Servicing newer, more increasingly complicated vehicles has put independent repair shops at a disadvantage against auto dealerships that have access to the latest service tools and knowledge databases. Accurately diagnosing and repairing many of these newer vehicles used to require full access to expensive factory service tools. The EPA recognized the independent repair shop’s need for access and mandated that all OEMs comply with the SAE standard J2534-1. The SAE J2534-1 standard defines a uniform hardware device, like the Drew Technologies CarDAQ-Plus, that all automakers must support with their vehicle reflashing applications.

J2534 diagram

Having access to SAE J2534-1 software and tools are important for several reasons. First, diagnosing and repairing vehicles often requires reprogramming or reflashing the vehicle with the latest update. After a vehicle is assembled and sold at a new car dealership, the automaker’s engineering groups often fix common problems found at the dealership by releasing a new reflash. The reflash is not a recall, and therefore most vehicles on the road will not get the update unless they are brought in to the dealership for servicing. These reflashes could fix transmission shifting problems, hesitation, rough idle, drivability, check engine lights, emissions quality, poor performance, or any of a number of other problems. Without the reflashing capabilities, independent repair shops may spend time and money trying to repair an issue with hard parts that cannot be repaired without a calibration flash update.

The second reason a repair shop should have a SAE J2534-1 device is to offer their customers flash updates as an up sell. Even if the customer does not believe they are experiencing a problem with their vehicle, they may see some benefit in performance, drivability, or even fuel economy by getting their vehicle updated to the latest available calibration flash. It also serves as good preventative maintenance to update the calibration flash and avoid any problems that it was intended to fix.

Optional Accessories

Drew Technologies heavy-truck adapter

Heavy Truck Adapter

The MVCI-to-heavy-truck adapter allows CarDAQ-Plus to communicate on J1939 and J1708 networks. It supports most standard Deutsche 6-pin and 9-pin cables. Using the standard CarDAQ-Plus driver, you create programs to reprogram ECUs, log data, or monitor bus traffic. We're recommending these extensions for standardization in SAE J2534-2.

Drew Technologies heavy-truck adapter

TempDAQ Signal Conditioner

TempDAQ is a rugged temperature-compensated amplifier that supports up to 6 input channels. It rescales the voltage signal from K-type thermocouples to use the full dynamic range of CarDAQ's A/D subsystem. This permits highly accurate in-vehicle temperature measurements: between -200C and +1250C, with better than 1C resolution. Alternatively, select the BNC input to pass a signal (unamplified) directly to CarDAQ. The A/D subsystem can sample up to 6 voltage signals with range 0-27V, at 2kHz, with 12-bit resolution. The user can set each channel separately for temperature or "raw" voltage measurement.

Software Supported

Use any PassThru (J2534) compliant application (V2, Web Flash, SPS/DPS, OEM mandated reprogramming.) Create your own applications in LabVIEW™, C or Visual Basic.

Additionally, CarDAQ-Plus can host PassThru (J2534) applications on the internal embedded Linux processor. Use your favorite language, including: TCL, Perl, .Net, Java, or C.

Note: Drew Technologies provides an application programmer interface (DLL) for OEMs, integrators, or end-users to develop their own PassThru (SAE J2534) applications. This is responsibility of the buyer.

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CarDAQ-Plus hardware, straight ethernet cable, crossover cable, USB cable, manual and CD with PassThru (J2534) driver CARDAQ-PLUS $1,595.00 contact us Contact us to order
Vehicle interface cable CDP-J1962 $85.00 contact us Contact us to order
PCMScan OBD2 Diagnostics and Data Logging software PCMSCAN $99.95 contact us Contact us to order
CarDAQ-Plus external Compact Flash slot ordering option CDP-Slot $10.00 contact us Contact us to order
CompactFlash 802.11 WiFi wireless CFWIFI $100.00 contact us Contact us to order
Heavy Truck Adapter for J1939 / J1708 CDP-HTA $149.95 contact us Contact us to order
TempDAQ signal conditioning accessory TempDAQ $750.00 contact us Contact us to order

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