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Data Loggers and Data Acquisition Systems

What are Data Loggers?

Water Level Data Loggers

Data loggers are electronic devices that record a variety of data over time. They typically have a microprocessor, memory, battery and a sensor. Some loggers lack a sensor and are designed to connect to a wide range of voltages and external sensor types. As technology improves new data logger innovations include very small size, LCD displays, wireless communication capabilities, serving web pages with current readings, emailing their alarms and integration with weather stations.


Examples of data logging applications include:

  • Indoor, outdoor and underwater studies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Oceanography studies
  • Medical and pharmaceutical research
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Soil moisture level recording
  • Process monitoring for maintenance and troubleshooting applications
  • Autoclave monitoring
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Indoor air quality
  • Agriculture

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